What’s the Realistic Worst-Case Scenario?

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It’s often not as bad as you think.

In the software development world, for example, what’s the real worst-case scenario for:

  • You disagreeing with your boss?
  • You not hitting a deadline?
  • Your code causing an outage in production?

We often treat these scenarios with high degrees of unnecessary drama. Realistically, no one is going to die. No one is going to physically harm you.

We do though often fear the extreme outcome — getting fired.

But most likely, as long as you’re a generally good employee, the incident will merely just show up as a blip in a performance review.

And even if the extreme does happen and they do fire you, that may actually be the best-case scenario. You can escape a toxic environment where all the good you do is immediately thrown out when something goes south.

The realistic worst-case is often not as bad as you think.

So stop worrying about it.




Software engineer and wellness advocate. My opinions are my own.

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Erik Andersen

Erik Andersen

Software engineer and wellness advocate. My opinions are my own.

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