Truth is in-between

Photo by Wai Siew on Unsplash

Social media unnecessarily polarizes our population.

You are either

  • Democrat or Republican
  • Pro-life or pro-choice
  • Pro-guns or pro-gun-control
  • etc.

And then all we do is yell at each other.

The reality is that issues are not binary. And oftentimes, the truth is in-between the two camps.

You can be “pro-life”, while acknowledging that there should be exceptions if the life of the mother is on the line.

You can be “pro-choice”, while acknowledging the inherit limits to choice (i.e. terminating the baby post-delivery, but before the umbilical cord is cut)

You can be “pro-guns” while recognizing that something should be done to address mass shootings.

You can be “pro-gun-control” while recognizing the legitimate need for self-defense.

And the list goes on.

Remember — we’re all Americans. We’re all on the same team.

So don’t demonize the opposite party for the “evils” of their rhetoric.

Just have a conversation.