The Execution Trap and Making Space to Think

How do you have a “thought’ job without the time to “think”?

Do you have a role that requires thought leadership? How to design a solution; how to solve a customer’s problem; how to optimize your processes?

Sometimes things get to so busy, there’s no time to think — it’s just execute, execute, execute all day long (or in agile terminology — sprint, sprint, sprint, all day long).

There’s value in a little bit of under utilization or under employment. It gives you time to take a step back, perhaps read a book, and expand your perspective regularly.

Don’t get caught in the “execution” trap.

Read some blogs, a publication relative to your field; complete some digital trainings….

This is still “work” and there should be space to do it while you’re on the clock.



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Erik Andersen

Erik Andersen

Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience. Also an independent coach, teacher, and public speaker. My opinions are my own