Progress vs. Perfection

The industrial revolution introduced the concept of perfection

i.e. for the first time in human existence could a template be made (ex: a car), an assembly line created, a product made by a machine, and the output measured. If an output met the standard defined by the template, it was considered perfect.

Prior to the industrial revolution, perfection was essentially impossible. Since each product was made by human hands, there were inherent unique differences in each. Perfection was a goal, but never an achievement.

Despite advancements in technology, there are still things made by humans today that can’t be measured in terms of objective “perfection”…

… that is, Human Lives

Do not think you are “less than” because you are not perfect. Life is messy, and your value is not derived from an absence of flaws. You are not a machine.

As such, your success is derived by how consistently you strive for growth.

Progress is our goal — and not perfection.



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Erik Andersen

Erik Andersen

Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience. Also an independent coach, teacher, and public speaker. My opinions are my own