Life is an Open-Book Test

One of the counter-productive messages from formal education is that it teaches us to go it alone.

We’re all competing against each other to stay above the curve, get into that high-ranking college, or get that elusive internship.

Tests, quizzes, and most assignments can be completed only by yourself. And then shame on you if you copy someone else's work.

And then the game changes when you hit corporate America.

  • See a slide-deck template that you like? Take theirs and use it
  • Don’t know the code for a problem? Copy-and-paste from StackOverflow
  • Struggling with a situation? Read a self-help book for guidance

In life, you’re not expected to know everything.

So don’t pretend that you do.

Take the good ideas you see around you and incorporate them into your life.

Then share freely and lift those around you.



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Erik Andersen

Erik Andersen


Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience. Also an independent coach, teacher, and public speaker. My opinions are my own