Juniors — Why You’re Not Getting Job Interviews

Erik Andersen
4 min readJul 29, 2022
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There’s a difference between how things SHOULD work vs. how they DO work

SHOULD companies hire & train more juniors? Yes!
SHOULD companies stop asking for years of experience for junior roles? Yes!
SHOULD companies stop requiring a bachelors degree for some roles? Yes!

We fight that fight every day knowing that realistically this a months, years, or maybe decades long fight as we are literally changing the entire hiring culture of hundreds of thousands of companies entrenched in the current market mindset.

But you need a job NOW! 😓
And you can’t wait for the revolution! 😰

So focus on what you can control!
And step 1 is understanding what you’re up against

The Hiring Manager

Empathize with this person for a moment. Imagine:

  • not being 100% dedicated to the job search (like candidates are), and
  • you’re probably understaffed (that’s why you’re hiring), so
  • you’re overwhelmed by taking on all the extra work, and
  • in-between your hectic schedule you’re reviewing resumés, and
  • facing potentially HUNDREDS of them to review

So of course hiring managers spend seconds per resumé!

And most likely they are stressed while doing so — the success of their team, the project, or even the company may be relying on how well this new team member can execute. Which means this hiring decision plays a role in their own personal raise or promotion discussion.

This makes it personal for them!

So if you’re not getting interviews that’s because you failed the first test to

Make Your Relevance to Their Opening As Obvious as Possible

Yes, this means a different resumé per application
Yes, that’s annoying
Yes, do it anyway 😅

Remember, companies are not charities!

Erik Andersen

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