Photo by Yasin Yusuf on Unsplash

Emotions aren’t “good” or “bad”

They just are.

Emotions are just another way your body communicates its needs to you, similar to physical indicators such as hunger, thirst, or sleepiness.

Is it “bad” to be hungry? No — it’s just your body’s way of saying it needs energy.

Is it “bad” to be angry? No — it’s just your body’s way of saying that:

  • It doesn’t feel safe,
  • It doesn’t feel heard,
  • It doesn’t feel fulfilled
  • etc.

When we ignore these “bad” emotions, we make the problem worse. We build up negative energy that will eventually spill over into worse emotions (ex: debilitating depression), will spill out unintentionally (ex: thrashing out at our loved ones), or will drive you to addictive substances to drown them out.

Either way — ignoring your emotions is not a path to a happy life.

So next time you feel flooded with “bad” feelings, sit in them for a little longer.

Ask yourself:

  • What triggered this emotion?
  • Why is that event making me feel this way?
  • What is my body saying I need right now?

And then act according to what you learned.

Perhaps all you need is a safe conversation with a good friend. Perhaps all you need is to get some fresh air. Perhaps all you need is to feel appreciated by a loved one…

… and use those “bad” emotions to trigger better days